Matrix Composites & Engineering is focussed on developing and deploying the technologies necessary for us to maintain a globally competitive position in our chosen markets and to be Australia’s composite manufacturer of choice.

We partner with leading Australian and international energy, defence and resources companies to create innovative material solutions to solve industry challenges. The catch-all phrase “advanced manufacturing” captures our intent to provide services from ideation to commercialisation and most importantly to provide our employees with the most effective tools to maximise our value to the Australian economy.

Our 22,000 m2 facility in Henderson, Western Australia, is the largest composite facility in Australia and is certified to ISO 9001:2015 – recognition of our ongoing commitment to excellence and continual improvement. Matrix’s state-of-the-art facility has been designed using the latest advanced manufacturing concepts of LEAN and one piece flow, and incorporates a high degree of automation including moving work cells and production lines, automated chemical processing, robotics and Scada based control systems. This has allowed Matrix to produce superior quality products at scale and within shorter timeframes than traditionally possible.

Capable of manufacturing composite solutions of all sizes and shapes, Matrix continues to invest in R&D, establishing a Technology Group to work alongside customers to ensure the most efficient and innovative ways are used to solve their challenges. To this end, Matrix concentrates on tailoring the properties of advanced materials through the addition of reinforcements. The resulting composite materials provide a hybrid which will provide the best combination of properties for our clients and will ensure we create smart solutions that are lighter, stronger and safer.

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