Case Studies

DRILLING: Solving casing installation issues: centralizers


Thai oil and gas producer

Project location



Max-R 7” x 8 ¼” spiral slim blade, “Pioneer”, advanced polymer centralizer

Time period

2013 - 2015


Our client had experienced high levels of frictional drag when installing their 7” casing into various wellbores resulting in the need to work the string to the bottom. In some cases, total depth (TD) was not attained.


In conjunction with the client, Matrix conducted an extensive review of the field data collected from a number of problematic wells. Following the review, Matrix was able to identify the appropriate low friction polymer centralizer that would reduce axial drag to acceptable levels. Matrix subsequently undertook an analysis to locate the optimal placement of the centralizers along the casing string. Once established, the casing string was dressed with Matrix’s Low Friction “Pioneer” Centralizers and the well data compared with previously sourced data.


As a consequence of installing Matrix 7” x 8.1/4” Pioneer centralizers, the client reported a significant increase in the available hookload when installing their 7” casing.

Following an analysis of the field data, it was established that Open Hole friction had decreased by  over 50 per cent compared to previously drilled wellbores. Total depth was also reached with no recorded issues. So successful were the Matrix Low Friction “Pioneer” Centralizers in 7” that the client has expanded their use of Matrix centralizers to include the 4.1/2” completion and 9.5/8” intermediate strings.


Case study: Solving casing installation issues - centralizers