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Kinetica Syntactic Foam

Impact & Blast Energy Absorption to protect critical equipment

Kinetica™ is a lightweight syntactic foam created by bonding together millions of engineered composite spheres. The result is a porous, chemically inert material with closely controlled crush strength and isotopic energy absorption.

Kinetica™ works with the full range of Matrix’s macrosphere technology, varying density, sphere diameter and reinforcement fibre to customise the final material properties. Kinetica™ can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Kinetica™ can be blended on-site or at Matrix’s facility using our custom designed mixing system. With only the lightest touch of active chemistry, free flowing Kinetica™ can fill an almost limitless volume without fear of runaway exothermic reactions. Using Matrix's custom designed mixing system, it can be cast in-situ to almost limitless volumes.

Key features
  • Tailored mechanical strength
  • Continuous crush resistance
  • Excellent salt water & chemical resistance
  • Isotropic material properties
  • Free flowing filling process
  • Limitless casting geometry
  • Low ‘hydrostatic’ forces during casting
  • No blowing agent = no pressure
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Negligible shrinkage during cure
Density 100 TO 500 kg/m3
Crush strength 0.4 to 4.0 MPA
Hydrostatic strength 1.5 to 15 MPA
CTLE 20 X 10-6
Base colour White