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Matrix Fibrenetic™

The strength of steel at 30% of the weight, installed in 10% of the time

Matrix Fibrenetic™ is manufactured from a high integrity carbon fibre laminate structure specifically designed to match the strength and stiffness requirement of the steel that it replaces. Matrix Fibrenetic is pre-fabricated or supplied in a pre-engineered kit for rapid site installation with simple hand tools.

Typically Matrix Fibrenetic™ is installed on steel structures that have suffered from material loss associated with corrosion. It is cold bonded directly to the prepared steel surface and secured in place for rapid curing. Matrix can train applicators on the Fibrenetic™ application process, or alternatively Matrix can provide onsite application services.

The Fibrenetic™ system can be used in conjunction with Humidur™ Coatings for additional corrosion protection.

Note: Matrix Fibrenetic has patent pending.


Matrix Fibrenetic™ can be engineered for a number of structural applications including those that would usually use welded or bolted compensation plates or braces:

  • I-Beams
  • Tubular structures
  • Decks and walls
  • Bulkheads
  • Other Structural sections


A number of standard prefabricated kits are available, alternatively custom made pre-fabricated assemblies can be engineered.


  • Rapid installation, typically less than 10% of the installation time of steel
  • Lighter than steel alternatives
  • Never corrodes
  • Requires no ‘Hot Work Permits’
  • Perfect for geometrically complex structures
  • Seamless integration with 3D scanning techniques
  • Easy IoT integration to provide real-time analytics (strain, stress, temperature and …)