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The new, safer diamond standard

Matrix's Paragon™ range of epoxies and grouts are perfect for demanding applications in construction, marine and mineral processing. Formulated and tested using less hazardous chemical ingredients in Matrix's materials laboratory, Paragon reduces potential hazards to users.

The Paragon™ range includes:
  • Two-part pourable epoxy resin based grout.
  • Two-part deep pour epoxy resin based grout.
  • Two-part trowel grade epoxy resin based grout.
  • Two-part high strength epoxy mortar for application in submerged conditions.
  • Two-part fast setting non slump adhesive.
  • Low viscosity epoxy resin for crack injection and repair.
Quick supply

All Paragon™ products are made in Western Australia in start-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. They can be supplied immediately, which means no more excess inventories or worries about production stoppages due to delivery issues. Safer to use and quicker to obtain, Paragon represents the new diamond standard in specialty chemicals.