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What is SOLSAN?

SOLSAN is a solar powered bulk hand sanitiser dispenser that can be easily installed in public spaces to promote good hand hygiene and reduce the transmission of communicable diseases.

Developed in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, SOLSAN is completely touchless and has been designed for use in areas where access to running water is not readily available. Suitable locations include playgrounds and parks, schools, tourism destinations, community sport centres and sporting stadiums, and transport hubs.

Why was SOLSAN developed?

In early 2020, like many governments around the world, Australia introduced restrictions to combat the spread of COVID-19. Many businesses were forced to work remotely; playgrounds, schools and tourism destinations closed; shopping districts emptied; and public transport use reduced signficantly. The world as we knew it, had changed. Rather than thinking of our next holiday, the focus was now on social distancing and good hygiene.

Matrix was keen to find a way to support the community, especially those in hardship, and help "flatten the curve". Using our advanced materials and manufacturing capabilities, we instantly turned our attention to how we could assist the public in staying safe when returning to school, work, transport and recreation. It is from this desire that SOLSAN was born - a solar powered bulk hand sanitiser dispenser.

Good hand hygiene in any public space is now a reality with SOLSAN.

  • Touchless automatic hand dispenser
  • Bulk storage capacity – 10,000+ dispenses before refill is required
  • Multiple hand sanitiser fluid options
  • 4G communication enabled
  • Accessible for all
  • Anti-misuse features
  • Robust and environmentally sustainable construction
  • Utility free installation.
  • Good hand hygiene accessible in public places
  • Reduced land fill and environmental impact caused by individual bottles of hand sanitiser
  • Reliable delivery mechanism
  • Weather, vandal and tamper proof

SOLSAN can be installed in a variety of public spaces

Safety Information

The hand sanitiser product used within the SOLSAN dispenser is based on the handrub formulation of the WHO.


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