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Humidur® FP

Halve your corrosion maintenance bills with Humidur®

Matrix is the proud distributor of Humidur® Coatings for Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Developed by the Belgian company Acotec over 35 years ago, Humidur® provides protection against corrosion to a wide variety of markets including the energy and gas sector, mining, petrochemical industry, shipping, marine and defence industries.

What is Humidur® FP?

Humidur® FP is a two-component solvent-free modified epoxy coating range designed to provide long-term corrosion resistance in highly aggressive and biological environments. Humidur® FP provides the highest chemical resistance of all products within the Humidur® product range and can be used in all types of water (salt, brackish, fresh, drinking and waste water) and in areas that utilise aggressive chemicals.

Humidur® FP is a Norsok M-501 approved product and is used in marine applications, on offshore structures and to prevent corrosion in storage tanks, reservoirs and pipelines in the LNG industry. Having established a proven track record in extending the life of production facilities and assets,reducing maintenance costs and minimising operational downtime, Humidur® is now being used by many of Australia’s leading LNG providers to successfully reduce the cost of corrosion control.


The benefits of Humidur® FP are far reaching and include:

  • Rapid cure single coat epoxy system (400μm DFT): minimises application costs and waste
  • Suitability in a range of environments: applied at a relative humidity up to 95% and in submerged areas as well as atmospheric zones
  • Durability of systems: proven life time of over 30 years.
  • Ability to cure under water: structures can be immediately submerged after coating application
  • Highly surface tolerant: minimum surface preparation required which can be applied straight on to any substrate or as an overcoating
  • Zero-solvent formulation: is a safer selection than solvent based coatings especially in confined spaces where hot works are at risk.
  • High temperature tolerance: can be applied in a wide range of temperatures from -35°C up to 150°C
  • High adhesion strengths: practical results demonstrate perfect adhesion strengths of over 20MPa
  • Range of application methods available: Humidur® FP can be applied by brush, pump (single, plural, airless) and a caulking environment
  • Wide range of applications: steelwork on ships, jetties, wharfs and subsea infrastructure; storage tanks including those certified for drinking water AS/NZS 4020:2018; pipelines and wind turbines.
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