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Matrix Non-Skid Aggregate

Enhancing Tractin in 100% Solid Floor Coatings

Matrix Non-Skid Aggregate is designed for enhancing traction in 100% solid floor coatings. This aggregate provides Humidur® anti-corrosion coatings with reliable non-slip characteristics, even in damp conditions.

Appropriate for application on both concrete and metal substrates, Matrix Non-Skid Aggregate is used in a variety of settings including helidecks, pathways in refineries, on offshore oil & gas infrastructures, and offshore wind energy installations. The core component of Matrix Non-Skid Aggregate is high-grade quartz sand, noted for its resistance to abrasion and stability under UV exposure.

Independent Testing

Matrix Non-Skid Aggregate has undergone third-party Grip Testing, yielding a reading of 0.81. This result This result
exceeds the minimum requirements specified by CAP 437 Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas.