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Humidur® Applicator Training

Matrix Composites & Engineering is pleased to offer Humidur® training courses designed specifically for applicators.

Humidur® FP Brush Application Course (1 day)

Provides industrial painters with instruction on the unique properties of Humidur® FP products, surface preparation and practical experience of applying Humidur® FP with a brush or roller.

Humidur® FP Spray Application Course (1 day)

Designed to teach spray painters how to spray Humidur FP correctly, and provides attendees with an introduction to airless plural pump setup and operation.

PREREQUISITES: Completion of Humidur® FP Brush and, presentation of trade or VOC certificate

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED:Compliant respirator

Humidur® Char PFP Trowel Course (1 day)

This course introduces participants to the epoxy intumescent passive fire protection coating, Humidur® Char and how to apply utilsing the trowel method.

PREREQUISITES: Completion of Humidur® FP Brush

Humidur® Char PFP Extrusion & Trowel Course (2 days)

Designed for those wanting to learn how to apply Humidur® Char utilising both the extrusion and trowel method.

PREREQUISITES:Completion of Humidur® FP Brush

Humidur® Char PFP Spray Application Course (3 days)

Designed to train and qualify applicators on the application Humidur® Char utilising an airless plural pump spray system.

PREREQUISITES: Completion of Humidur® FP Brush and presentation of trade or VOC certificate

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Compliant respirator

Certificate of completion

A certificate of completion will be issued upon the passing of theoretical and practical assessments.


All training is conducted at our facility in Henderson, Western Australia.

Bookings & Pricing

To book a course or to enquire about pricing, please contact us on +61 8 9412 1200 or at