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Matrix MarineShield™

Preserving and extending life of critical field infrastructure

Matrix MarineShield™ is a wraparound corrosion protection system for the preservation of pipelines, risers, piles and other critical field infrastructure. It may be installed at the start of service, or as a retrofit following repairs, damage to existing pipes or coating. MarineShield™ effectively seals off the encapsulated pipe from the corrosive environment, preserving its condition and extending its life.


MarineShield™ is appropriate for a number of environments and purposes including:

  • Protection of pipe connectors
  • Replacing damaged pipe coating
  • Protection of pipeline repairs
  • Protection of pipelines in splash zones or other corrosive environments
  • Adjustable sealing pressure
  • May be supplied in overlapping design to provide protection of longer length
  • High sealing pressure ensures seal on pipe surface imperfections
  • Dual sealing retaining method
  • Allows temporary removal and inspection
  • Quick installation on critical path
  • Fitted with lifting point for safe installation
  • No special installation tools required