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Matrix Conductor Centralizers

Extending the life of fixed platform wells by reducing fatigue

Conductors for fixed platform wells are typically installed through guidecans, which are part of the platform structure and placed at regular intervals  between the well head and the seabed. Clearance of the conductor within the guide-can is required for installation but is not desired post installation. Matrix Composites & Engineering supplies Conductor Centralizers that are bonded to the conductor, centering the conductor within the guide-cans.

The Conductor Centralizers are moulded from polyurethane and perform several critical and non-critical functions including:

  • Limiting the lateral movement of the conductor, thus improving the fatigue life of the conductor and surface flow line connections.
  • Vibration reduction which reduces the impact force amplitude, extending fatigue life and minimizing vibrations transferred to working and living quarters.
  • Minimising wear and tear as Matrix Conductor Centralizers eliminate metal to metal contact and associated noise.
  • The benefits of Matrix Conductor Centralizers are numerous and include:
  • Fatigue life improvement through minimising lateral conductor movement
  • Reduced impact amplitude / fatigue from wave action.
  • Eliminated contact between conductor and platform jacket
    • Noise reduction
    • Reduced wear/tear on conductor/coating
  • Ability for centralizers to be pre-installed
  • Modular to suit application
  • Non-metallic construction which minimises maintenance requirements
  • Lightweight robust construction

Matrix Conductor Centralizer Leaflet