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Matrix Riser Sealing Mandrel

Improving Safety of Personnel and Assets

Matrix’s Riser Sealing Mandrel (RSM) is designed and manufactured to enhance the safety of completion and workover operations on board floating drilling units and workover vessels. Designed to suit a variety of different size riser/umbilical configurations, the Matrix RSM encases and protects safety critical equipment from crushing damage and provides a smooth continuous surface for the rig diverter element to engage on. The RSM allows wellbore fluids to be diverted away from the rig floor in the event of a subsea well control event.

Key features
  • Gastight to 500psi (18 5/8” OD design)
  • Constructed from extremely tough and chemically resistant polymers ensuring its robustness and long-life in extreme environments.
  • Continuous axial seal design to improve reliability.
  • Use of pre-lock mechanisms and modular design for ease of installation.
  • Integrated fastener retainment to prevent dropped objects


In 2018, Matrix’s RSM was used by Cooper Energy in the Bass Strait (Australia) to improve operational safety and provide peace of mind. To learn more, refer to the case study below.



Rising Sealing Mandrel in operation in the Bass Strait.