Matrix announces BuoyCon as an authorised repairer and extends its international network to Africa

Matrix Composites & Engineering Ltd (“Matrix”) is pleased to announce BuoyCon Buoyancy Consultants as an authorised repairer of Matrix manufactured buoyancy modules in Africa and the Canary Islands. Located in South Africa, BuoyCon brings significant localised buoyancy repair experience to Matrix’s international network.

Matrix is an industry leader in the manufacture and delivery of drilling riser buoyancy systems to the oil and gas industry. With systems in operation around the world, Matrix is delighted to enhance its after sales capabilities to ensure timely and effective repair services to its customers in Africa.

Shaun Louw, BuoyCon’s Managing Director, is a specialist in the maintenance and repair of buoyancy systems and has worked with some of the world’s leading drilling contractors including Transocean, Saipem and Seadrill. BuoyCon staff have undergone intensive training at Matrix’s award-winning buoyancy facility in Australia and are now approved to conduct repairs using Matrix’s procedures and systems as per the company’s ISO 9001 accredited quality system.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome BuoyCon to the Matrix family. Our partnership ensures that Matrix customers in Africa and the Canary Islands will now benefit from in region support that meets our stringent quality and environmental standards. Our ability to provide customers with increased support and repair services is a clear indication of our customer service commitment and our ability to continuously improve across all continents,” said Aaron Begley, CEO Matrix.

Shaun Louw commented, “We are excited to be appointed Matrix’s authorised repairer in the region. We believe our local knowledge and experience will provide new opportunities for both Matrix and BuoyCon. We look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with Matrix and extending our portfolio of services.”

For further information, please contact:

Peter Pezet
Strategic Business Unit Manager
Oil & Gas Products
Ph: +61 8 9412 1200

Shaun Louw
Ph: +27 73 605 3764

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About BuoyCon

BuoyCon Buoyancy Consultants strives to be the foremost provider of drilling riser buoyancy repair services to the oil and gas industry.

Buoycon has confidence in its skills, product and processes and is equipped to deploy their expert team to assist you in maintaining your essential floatation assets, delivering industry-leading drilling riser buoyancy module (DRBM) inspection, maintenance and repair.

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