What we do


Matrix is a leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of composite and advanced material technology. As a trusted partner, we work with our customers to deliver practical material science solutions to their unique challenges. Coupled with our commitment to R&D, Matrix helps our customers achieve the impossible.

Civil & Infrastructure

Matrix’s proprietary technologies are designed to address issues with weight, corrosion, repair and impact protection in critical civil and infrastructure applications which traditionally use concrete and steel.

Applications include:

  • Reinforced thermoplastics that can be injection moulded provide economical, cost effective alternatives to steel and other cast or fabricated metallic components.
  • Rotational moulded products can be engineered to replace steel in water and sewerage infrastructure.
  • Advanced coating & repair systems such as Humidur and Paragon provide decades of protection to steel and concrete infrastructure.
  • Matrix carbon fibre repair systems are capable for repairing both concrete and steel structures in lieu of time intensive steel repairs.
  • KInetica impact absorption systems protect critical structures from impact damage


Matrix is a trusted Australian partner for practical material science to maintain capability where performance and reliability are paramount.

Applications include:

  • High performance composites – long fibre reinforced laminates in both thermoset and thermoplastic polymers to lighten and strengthen structures.
  • Reinforced thermoplastics – heavy weight thermoplastics for severe service, with bespoke fibre reinforcement and polymer additives.
  • Polyurethane blends – customer blended thermosets, adducted, filled and reinforced to achieve deep sections and tailored properties.
  • Syntactic foams – light weight fillers, both micro and macroscopic, to produce lightweight, stiff and strong materials
  • Kinetica – energy absorbing, space filling composites.


The applications for the use of composites across the Hydrogen economy are broad.

Composite Materials have applications in green electricity generation, hydrogen production, intermediate hydrogen storage, fuel cells and transportation.

Matrix composite materials technologies offer several advantages when compared to conventional technology in these applications. These include light weighting, non-corrosive properties, wide temperature ranges, durability and long service life.

Combined with Matrix’s expertise in advanced manufacturing these attributes lead to lower equipment CAPEX and OPEX driving down the production  and transmission costs of hydrogen.

Mining & Resources

Matrix’s materials technologies and products are specifically tailored to address issues with weight, corrosion, impact and wear in the mining and resources sector.

Applications include:

  • Carbon fibre and impact resistant composites which significantly lighten structures and equipment traditionally made from steel
  • Kinetica energy absorption systems to protect critical infrastructure from impact damage
  • Advanced coating and lining systems that protect steel surfaces from corrosion for the life of operations.

Offshore Floating Wind Sector

With significant experience within the offshore energy sector, Matrix is ideally positioned to apply its range of buoyancy and protection solutions to the offshore floating wind sector. From our distributed and mooring buoyancy solutions to cable protection and composite large structures, Matrix offers a fully integrated product portfolio that has been tested and proven in the most demanding subsea environments.

Oil & Gas

Matrix designs and manufactures a broad array of subsea, deepwater and well construction products. These include subsea buoyancy, impact and abrasion protection, pipe freespan mitigation systems, clamping systems, VIV and drag reduction, slick riser protection, riser sealing mandrels and clamping systems.

Matrix also manufactures low friction centralisers for horizontal completions, composite float equipment, anti-vibration, noise reduction conductor template centralisers, conductor splash zone protection, clamping systems and other downhole products.