Traditional materials such as steel or aluminum are versatile, but somewhat limited in their abilities. By combining and orientating different materials within a structure to form a composite, the best qualities of each can be emphasized and the limiting quantities of each mitigated.
Broadly, a polymer binder (the matrix) is used to bond together a ceramic fibre (the reinforcement) to create the composite. By developing and deploying composite materials, Matrix can provide a client with a solution that would be impossible with traditional materials.


For example, the combination of thermoplastic resin and ceramic fibre allows Matrix to manufacture impact resistant marine riser protection, combining the toughness of the thermoplastic with the strength and stiffness of the ceramic.

Similarly, the addition of hollow, pressure resistant spheres to epoxy resin allows Matrix to produce syntactic foam for deep sea service, combining the bulk strength of the epoxy with the low density of the spheres.

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