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Engineering is both a technical body of knowledge and a practical skill. Matrix’s Engineering team understands the science behind the materials we choose to apply and the practical issues that surround turning a client’s desire into a tangible solution. All in a safe, secure, timely, reliable and cost effective manner.

The Matrix team operate the full suite of SolidWorks Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing tools. Initial sketches are developed – on the equivalent of a 3D virtual napkin – to enable discussion and ensure that client, designer and the production team are all in accord. These sketches are then integrated into the final design and, were necessary, their performance verified by finite element methods and physical testing.

Behind the designer stand our project team – the nexus drawing the threads of the organisation together. Matrix’s project team are comfortable working with either traditional or agile methodologies, depending on the needs and preferences of the customer.

Finally, the unsung heroes of the piece, the production team will travel the hard yards from early prototype to mature manufacturing process, enabling delivery at scale, in full and on time.