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At Matrix, we believe in a smarter world where possibilities are limitless. Leveraging our innovation ecosystem and our materials science expertise we turn ideas into reality.

As market needs change, and customer expectations transform, we too must adapt to meet the challenges of tomorrow. At the cornerstone of our approach, is innovation. The company invests heavily in research and development (R&D) to continually advance our product range and embrace new opportunities. Many of our technologies are registered under international patents, reflecting our commitment to effective commercialisation of new technologies and our desire to continually improve our manufacturing practices.

Matrix’s head office in Henderson, Western Australia, is home to a large R&D facility run by scientists and material engineers from a broad range of high performing industry disciplines. Future focussed, the team recognises that true innovation occurs when ideas, people and challenges collide. As a result, we collaborate with several educational organisations, leading commercial entities and government departments to accelerate the fast tracking of ideas. Demonstrating our capabilities in this area include:

  • The recent signing of a framework agreement with Woodside to act as a technology development partner.
  • Collaboration with Echo Marine Group to purse specialist naval related opportunities.
  • Acting as an industry partner with Defence Science and Technology (DST), University of Melbourne, RMIT University and QinetiQ to develop specialised materials.
  • The development of energy absorbent materials containing recycled rubber with Curtin University and the University of Western Australia
  • Participation in D.Start, a Department of Defence’s Next Generation Technologies Fund initiative

Matrix works with our partners in an open and transparent manner to ensure our advanced material solutions meet the highest standards of quality and performance. A range of on-site testing facilities allows products/technologies to be tested to relevant internal, client and international standards prior to release, once again providing customers with unrivalled confidence.

It is our unique combination of materials science and advanced manufacturing expertise that truly sets us apart – intelligent composites built to last.

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