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Humidur® FP Fast Spray


Introducing Humidur® FP Fast Spray, the latest innovation in the Humidur® FP range designed specifically for small and hard-to-reach spaces, where precision and safety are paramount. With Humidur® FP Fast Spray, every nook and cranny is protected, enhancing asset longevity.

  • Convenient packaging. Supplied in a 1 kg two-component cartridge system, Fast Spray is designed to cover 1 m2 of surface area,  providing a convenient and efficient solution for various projects without excess waste.
  • Minimal training required. Designed to be user-friendly, Fast Spray only requires the successful completion of the Humidur® FP Brush course. Its straightforward application process allows users to achieve professional results without extensive expertise.
  • Eliminating the need for complex equipment. The innovative design of Fast Spray eliminates the need for plural pumps, simplifying the application process. Users can load the cartridge unit into the dispensing unit and start spraying, saving time and effort.
  • Versatile protection. Humidur® FP Fast Spray offers versatile protection for a wide range of surfaces, safeguarding them against  corrosion, moisture, and chemicals. Its adaptability makes it suitable for various industrial and marine applications.
  • Cost-effective. Humidur® FP Fast Spray’s efficient coverage and ease of application translate to cost savings for businesses. By  eliminating the need for extensive training and specialised equipment, overall costs are reduced